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The SEZ “Alga” inspected the progress of construction of production facilities

The SEZ “Alga” inspected the progress of construction of production facilities

A working meeting was held in the special economic zone “Alga” with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Belarus Ilshat Tazhitdinov, representatives of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Belarus – the management company of the preferential zone, the Administration of the Ishimbay district, the Regional Project Office and residents of the SEZ. The participants discussed the progress of infrastructure development and construction of enterprises. In addition, they examined the access roads to the production sites in the area adjacent to the exit from site No. 3, as well as the construction of an access road to sites No. 1 and No. 2.

During the conversation with the residents, the company “M Sintez” informed the experts that the construction of a plant for the production of cetane-boosting additives for diesel fuels has begun at the site. To date, the investor has invested about 1.1 billion rubles in the project. The total investment volume will be about 6 billion rubles.

On the first site, the Arkada company is completing the construction of a new glove shop. Its launch is scheduled for October this year. 100 new jobs will be created in the workshop.

The construction of an enterprise for the production of sportswear is carried out by the company “Fabrika ZASPORT”. The opening of the new production is expected in the first quarter of 2023.

To date, 12 residents have been registered on the territory of the SEZ “Alga” with a declared investment volume of 25.7 billion rubles, planning to create 1,733 new jobs.