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The resident of the SEZ “Alga” PO “Arcade” is preparing for the opening of a new workshop

The resident of the SEZ “Alga” PO “Arcade” is preparing for the opening of a new workshop

Arkada Software, which is a resident of the special economic zone “Alga”, is preparing for the opening of the workshop. Gloves will be mass-produced on the new modern equipment as an element of the working uniform. For this purpose, new jobs have been created in such specialties as the operator of knitting equipment, the adjuster of technological equipment and the operator of technological equipment.

– We are ready to launch a new production in our special economic zone “Alga”. Arkada Software, which is part of the Working Clothes Factory group of companies, opens a workshop for the production of work gloves. The design capacity is 5 million pairs per year. The premises and equipment are already ready, now more than a hundred people are being recruited here. Arkada is one of the 12 residents of our special economic zone. The company has been operating since December 2021. We tried to create conditions at the site of “Alga” in which entrepreneurs could develop calmly and confidently. I am glad that it gives results. Good luck! – The Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov wrote on his pages on social networks.

Arcade Software specializes in the production of comfortable, high-quality modern workwear. Deliveries are already being carried out for such major Russian companies as JSC Russian Railways, Bashkir Soda Company, ROSSETI, Eurosibenergo and others.