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Radiy Khabirov visited construction sites on the territory of the SEZ “Alga”

Radiy Khabirov visited construction sites on the territory of the SEZ “Alga”

On the territory of the SEZ “Alga” Radiy Khabirov also visited the construction sites of the future petrochemical plant “M Synthesis” and the sewing factory “Zasport”.

The company “M Sintez” – the first resident of the SEZ “Alga” – has already started the construction of the foundation and piles for the technological complex. Diesel fuel additives will be produced here. The total cost of the investment project is 9.5 billion rubles. The plant plans to produce 30 thousand tons of products annually. The commissioning of production is expected in 2024 and will create 193 new jobs. Alexey Balyanov, Executive Director of M Sintez, said that after reaching full capacity, the company plans to occupy up to 40 percent of the domestic market of diesel additives. He also noted that the location of the SEZ “Alga” is strategically important for the future of the plant. The main supplier of raw materials – Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat – is located next to the special economic zone. The Head of Bashkortostan highly appreciated the effectiveness of the implementation of the investment project.

– At the beginning, when we saw the concept of the plant only on paper, there were certain doubts about the timing of its construction. Today we saw with our own eyes that it is proceeding at a good pace. The soul rejoices that thanks to such projects the economy of the republic is developing. M Sintez is still the largest resident of Alga in terms of investments,– Radiy Khabirov noted.

Another resident of the SEZ “Alga” is the company “Zasport”. She produces sportswear and is the official outfitter of the Russian Olympic team. The general director of the enterprise Nikolay Stupakov said that the construction of the factory on the territory of Bashkortostan is planned to be completed in February 2023. In total, 300 people will work at the production, including 200 seamstresses. For professional retraining of personnel, together with the industrial association “Arcade”, a competence center has been created, where they will train to work on professional equipment. With full capacity, the factory will be able to produce 600 thousand units of sportswear per year.

– Thanks to the help of the republic, we were able to organize a real sewing cluster here together with our colleagues from the Arkada company, – Nikolay Stupakov emphasized. – And the situation on the market helps to return the consumer to domestic goods. In 2023, we plan to open a trade representative office and a company store, where we will offer the entire line of our products.

The Head of Bashkortostan noted the high demand of the sports sector of the region for modern sportswear and equipment.

– Your company has high competence in the garment industry, you have a well-known brand. A large market for such products is being formed in the republic, including in terms of equipment for our national teams in various sports,” Radiy Khabirov said. – In 2024, Bashkortostan will host the forum “Russia is a sports power”, where the factory could hold a presentation and display of its products.

Following the visit to the sites of the SEZ “Alga”, the head of the region shared his impressions about the development of this territory.

– We see that residents of the special economic zone are effectively implementing their projects. The company “M Synthesis” is one of the largest players in this territory. They invest almost 10 billion rubles in production. A large sewing cluster is being formed nearby. And the development of new types of activities along with traditional petrochemicals makes us very happy. This is a great help for the development of the Sterlitamak agglomeration,” concluded Radiy Khabirov.

Source: Press Service of the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan.