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Radiy Khabirov started the work of the new workshop of the company “Arcade” in the SEZ “Alga”

Radiy Khabirov started the work of the new workshop of the company “Arcade” in the SEZ “Alga”

On November 11, in the Ishimbay district, the Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov took part in the opening of a new glove shop of the industrial association “Arcade”. This is one of the first residents of the special economic zone (SEZ) “Alga”. In December 2021, the company launched the production of a wide range of work clothes on the territory of the SEZ.

The investor invested about 200 million rubles in the construction of a new workshop. Of these, 139 million rubles in the form of a concessional loan under the Development Projects program was provided by the Federal Industrial Development Fund. The Head of Bashkortostan congratulated the staff of the association on the opening of the glove production, which will employ 100 specialists. The head of the region noted that the republic’s economy is developing at a good pace in difficult conditions.

– A year ago we opened the first sewing workshop here, and today we are successfully expanding the range of products of the Arkada company. I am sure that the management of the association will continue to increase production capacity and create new jobs,” Radiy Khabirov said. – The number of residents in our special economic zone “Alga” is increasing every year. The Government of the Republic fulfills its obligations to form the infrastructure. Roads, communications, lighting appear on the territory of the SEZ. We will certainly continue this work.

The founder of the industrial association “Arcade” Mikhail Zukerman thanked the leadership of the republic for supporting investment initiatives.

– Previously, such workwear was purchased abroad. Now we are launching import-substituting production. With its full capacity, we will be able to produce up to 10 million pairs of gloves per year. Such achievements would have been impossible without the support of the republic and personally Radiy Faritovich Khabirov,” Mikhail Zukerman stressed. – In the future, we also plan to build dormitories for our specialists. We have a wonderful team, which is headed by the general director of the company Evgeny Romanov. Thank you for your fruitful work!

After the launch of the workshop, the Head of Bashkortostan got acquainted with the technology of glove production and samples of finished products for various industries. Mikhail Zuckerman said that the gloves are designed to protect hands in aggressive environments. At the same time, they are convenient for performing technological operations and meet modern requirements for workwear.

Source: Press Service of the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan.