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Radiy Khabirov discussed the implementation of the investment project of JSC “Farus”

Radiy Khabirov discussed the implementation of the investment project of JSC “Farus”

On March 2, the Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov held a working meeting with the management of JSC “Farus” in the House of the Republic. The company is implementing a large investment project on the site of the special economic zone “Alga” in the Sterlitamak district to create the production of synthetic higher fatty alcohols. The volume of investments exceeds 21 billion rubles.

Recall that the project was approved at the “Investment Hour” by the Head of the Republic in December 2021.

Chairman of the Management Board of the company Linar Fattakhov reported to the head of the region on the progress of work.

– Thank you, Radiy Faritovich, for your support. The project is really important, it has the status of a priority for the country. It could be implemented in the Orenburg region or in Tatarstan, where the ethylene pipeline runs. But our company chose Bashkortostan as the most attractive territory for investment,” Linar Fattakhov said. – By the end of 2025, we must launch the plant. The production capacity is 48 thousand tons of higher fatty alcohols per year. The company will produce a number of products that are in short supply for Russia, for example, triethyl aluminum.

In general, the product line will allow replacing foreign analogues of components for the production of personal hygiene products, fuel additives, paints, plasticizers, pesticides and fertilizers.

The construction of the plant is planned to begin in October 2023, and the first batch of synthetic higher fatty alcohols will be released in 2025. The new high-tech production is unique for the Russian Federation, and the level of technology has no analogues in the world. It will provide jobs for 400 people. Within the framework of the project, the recruitment of specialists in Ufa and Salavat has already begun.

The investment project also received support at the federal level. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has included it in the List of priority projects for the production of low-tonnage and medium-tonnage chemical products, which have a significant impact on the development of related sectors of the economy. It was formed in accordance with the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.