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The support measures for residents of preferential zones will now be consulted in the “My Business” centers

The support measures for residents of preferential zones will now be consulted in the “My Business” centers

Consultations on measures to support residents of preferential zones of Bashkortostan will now be available at the My Business centers. Potential investors will be able to get all the necessary information from the consultants of the centers who have been trained in state support measures operating in the region. So, one of the speakers of the training program was the director of the management company of the special economic zone “Alga” Artem Penzin, who told the audience in detail about preferences, nuances of working with investors and working in the “one window” format, according to which the Development Corporation operates.

Nail Gabbasov, General Director of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Bashkortostan, also commented on the innovation.

— The Development Corporation, as the management company of several of the largest preferential zones of the republic, seeks to disseminate information about its services and measures of state support to investors through various channels of interaction with business. Last year, together with the republican MFC, we initiated the opening of an investor window, by contacting which anyone can get answers to questions about the support of investment projects. Now the circle of consultants in this direction is increasing. This will allow us to attract investments to the region even more efficiently,” Nail Gabbasov said.

During his speech, Artem Penzin spoke about current and potential residents of the special economic zone “Alga”, as well as factors that attract investors who are considering the possibility of localizing business in Bashkortostan. He also noted that on the eve of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, an application was submitted for the expansion of the SEZ territory. So, if the application is approved, the territories of the Ufa Industrial Park located near the Shaksha microdistrict will be included in the special economic zone.

To date, 12 residents have been registered on the territory of the SEZ “Alga” with a declared investment volume of over 40 billion rubles. In the future, resident enterprises plan to create more than two thousand new jobs.