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Investors were offered to place the production of paper products in Bashkortostan

Investors were offered to place the production of paper products in Bashkortostan

Managers of the Regional Development Corporation have developed a new business proposal for investors interested in localization of business in Bashkortostan. Its concept involves the creation of an enterprise for the production of paper and paper products. According to the calculations presented in the case, the project budget will amount to 150.8 million rubles, and 20 new jobs will be created in production.

– We propose to place the company in the special economic zone “Alga”. Here the investor will be able to implement the project, taking advantage of the opportunity to reduce tax rates, accelerated depreciation, benefits for renting and buying land, as well as the effect of a free customs zone,” said Nail Gabbasov, Director General of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Together with the concept, the business proposal also contains financial and economic indicators that display detailed information about the effectiveness of the project. So, for the estimated period of the project, which will be six years, the amount of net profit can reach about 311 million rubles. In addition, in the case you can get acquainted with the proposed measures of state support. In addition to the preferences valid for residents of the SEZ “Alga”, additional support measures will be available to the investor within the framework of the programs of the Industrial Development Fund and the Regional Leasing Company.

– If necessary and interested in the submitted investment proposal, the Development Corporation will calculate the financial model according to the parameters and technological solutions chosen by the investor, as well as provide gratuitous support until the full launch of the enterprise, Nail Gabbasov added.

You can get acquainted with the investment offer on the website of the Development Corporation in the section “Business cases”.