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An investment project for the production of riboflavin will be implemented on the territory of the SEZ “Alga”

An investment project for the production of riboflavin will be implemented on the territory of the SEZ “Alga”

A regular meeting of the Expert Council of the special economic zone “Alga” was held today, during which the participants reviewed a new investment project involving the construction of a plant for the production of Vitamin B2.
The initiator of the project is the BIORON company, which is part of the Salavat Industrial Technopark group of companies planning to implement a number of innovative projects on the territory of the SEZ. The investor plans to build a modern production facility for the production of riboflavin with a total capacity of 900 tons per year, having invested 1.4 billion rubles in the project with the creation of 27 new jobs. According to the business plan, the expertise of which was carried out by specialists of the Development Corporation, it is planned to start the project this year.

Investors need to remember that a business plan is the main stage of the implementation of an investment project. As part of the examination of the BIORON company’s business plan, our specialists assessed the level of risks and the correctness of the document. In addition to the expertise, the monitoring of the relevance of the project and the demand for manufactured products was also carried out, which showed that today Russia does not have its own production of vitamin B2, and in the current conditions import substitution has become a very relevant topic. And the implementation of this project is aimed precisely at replacing products supplied from Western Europe and China,” said Nail Gabbasov, Director General of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Recall that one of the urgent requests among investors is the examination of business plans. Thus, the specialists of the Development Corporation analyze the completeness and reliability of the information provided, as well as the relevance of the financial and economic indicators of the project. Detailed information about the service is available on the website of the Development Corporation in the section “Development of business plans” .